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Atticus & Co.


Atticus & Co. aims to be a space where GOOD is happening. We've always gravitated towards the good. Whether it was learning the ropes while working for a great boss, finding a coffee spot with just the right atmosphere, or being a small part of a valuable experience, finding the good has been our life's heartbeat.  We're about community, too. After living abroad as a family in Uganda working for the NGO Sixty Feet, we learned that life simply cannot be lived well without community. Back at home now in Texas, we seek that same sense of belonging.  That's why we are actively involved with several tight-knit groups like Cross Fit Van Zandt, Tejas Trails Running, and the Aggie Alumni to name a few. We - Boog, Flo and our girls Grace and Sophie - strive to be the good for our community. We watched as both our parents ran small businesses and that impressed on us the hard work and grit it takes to survive. And in our personal lives, we love hard work. Boog is just 50k shy of running 1000k at the prestigious Bandera Trail Race, a true gut check if there ever was.  Flo was an educator in public school for 15 years before chasing her dream of a retail store...she's proven her metal, as well. Inspired by the wise and good Atticus Finch, one of our favorite characters, we want to help you find the good. Whether it's an exciting new product, a brand that expands your awareness, a community event, or a great cup of coffee with bonus conversation.We hope you find the good here. At our place.  You are welcome.

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