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Dairy Queen

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Ask any Texan about DQ®, and they’re sure to tell you their favorite stories about going to DQ®.
Today, there are nearly 600 DQ® restaurants in Texas — more than any other state. Texas DQ® Restaurants serve the food most Texans know as Texas Country Foods®. From Hungr-Busters® and BeltBusters®, to Steak Finger and Chick’n Strip Country Baskets®, to The Dude® and Texas T-Brand Tacos®, Texas Country Foods® makes the food Texans dream about. If it’s time for a delicious meal and you are visiting a DQ® Restaurant in Texas, you can be sure you will enjoy any item on the Texas Country Foods® menu. It’s the reason Texas DQ® just tastes better.

But burgers, baskets and tex-mex are just half the story. Everybody knows DQ® has the best soft serve treats anywhere in the world. Between Blizzard® Flavor Treats, Banana Splits, Cones, Moolatte’s, and frozen treats like Dilly Bars® and DQ® Sandwiches, there’s always a delicious way to cool down and indulge the craving for DQ®. In 2013, Texas DQ® Restaurants also added the legendary Orange Julius® brand and Premium Fruit Smoothies to their menu.

In Texas, from the treats to the eats, DQ® is where we all meet. Day to day. Generation to generation. DQ® the Stop Sign of Texas!