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Jana's Boutique


Jana Normandin wanted to create a comfortable space on the square for moms and this mother of seven knows what that means.

"Cute, covered, and comfortable," she said. "I'm a mom, but I want to be stylish still."

Jana has been selling online for four years and developed a definite vision. She wants the average woman to be able to come to her store and get jeans, a top, and an accessory and "be at or under $100."

"I put my hands on every brand before I buy it to make sure it feels nice and it's made well and it is at a good price point," she said.

In addition, she wants to make sure nobody feels left out.

"We serve all body types in our store," Jana said. "I don't want anyone to come in and feel like I don't have something for them."

"I want all women to come in and feel beautiful in something in my store," she said.

Finding that connect with her customers is why Jana opened her boutique. "I like the interaction of working with ladies when they come in. I like being able to make them an outfit for an event," she said.

Jana has already built a great connection with the Athens Square.

"We are extremely excited to be on the square," Jana said. "We adore athens. It has been a great fit for our family. We're happy to he here and I don't see us leaving anytime soon."
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